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“We believe that new technologies can take us further, so that through these we intend to be one step ahead in the growth of the country and give our customers a rigorous and competent response to what they are looking for, guaranteeing efficient and effective solutions, with respect for environmental issues.”

Invicta Group

Created in 2021, Invicta is a Mozambican company specialized in the area of construction and project management, offering consulting services and focusing on renewable energies and environment.
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Project Management

The management of a project involves the effective and efficient coordination of different resources, from different areas and specialties, in...
Our Services


Civil construction plays an important role in the enrichment and sustainable development of the country and the world. Invicta has...
Our Services


Invicta invests in the capacity and technical quality of its professionals in various specialties, combining its skills with the company’s...
Our Services


Aware that “In nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost. Everything is transformed” Invicta intends to promote energy efficiency, taking...


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