Aware that “In nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost. Everything is transformed” Invicta intends to promote energy efficiency, taking advantage of the best natural resources existing in the country, through a rigorous execution supported by technical skills that that allow to generate a superior profitability of the energy sources present in Mozambique.

In the area of renewables and environment, Invicta has experience and know how for the adoption of Public Private Partnership models.

Solar energy

Mozambique has a privileged exposure to the sun, which is an obvious advantage when it comes to renewable energies. Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most accessible renewable energy sources on the planet, being inexhaustible with short and long term benefits.

Solar power plants do not emit mercury, air pollution-forming chemicals, particulate matter, or greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, NOX and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), being more sustainable by not producing gases harmful as are the other sources of coal and oil.

The potential of solar energy is exponential when compared to all other energy sources, and can be used in a sustainable, renewable and economical way to heat water, create photovoltaic electricity, public lighting, create energy for collective use for schools, hospitals and communities.

One of the main technologies for solar harnessing is photovoltaic solar energy, which is the fastest growing source of clean energy in the world. Solar energy can be directly converted into electrical energy, using semiconductor materials such as crystalline silicon that allows the conversion of light energy into photovoltaic energy.

This technology guarantees a circular economy and is now used to generate electricity for thousands of homes and and industries worldwide.

Invicta has been developing experience and technical capacity that allow it to implement photovoltaic solar energy technology through solar panels, guaranteeing its customers a renewable, profitable and competitive energy.


Invicta intends to generate energy from waste and thus present solutions capable of transforming landfills and other forms of open dumps.
Dumpsters, in addition to representing a public health problem in Mozambique, contribute to environmental contamination such as water pollution, which becomes unfit for human consumption, and also raise other social issues, which is why biomass used in power plants thermoelectric plants is a low-cost alternative to renewable energy, with low emission of polluting gases, produced from a wide variety of materials that go to waste.

Invicta is prepared to create facilities capable of capturing the heat generated by incinerating unwanted waste. Heat is thus used to drive a turbine that generates electricity, being a viable alternative for replacing fossil fuels and pollutants such as coal and oil.

Solid waste management

With a strong commitment to offering waste management solutions, Invicta promotes the recovery of waste, through recycling and other means, which are more economical, efficient and sustainable than dumping.

Our services in this area include the treatment, transport, storage, intermediation and reconditioning of industrial waste products from different sectors of activity, offering economically sustainable alternatives to our customers.

As a way of reducing waste disposal, we intend to introduce new ways of recycling and reusing materials in the country. Therefore, we provide an efficient service for the collection, transportation and treatment of waste in any area of activity, with emphasis on the area of civil construction and the inherent construction waste.

The development of our work is in compliance with the other national and international environmental principles and guidelines.
We also provide certification services that your waste has been processed according to the regulations for your sector.